Be True to You

Sometimes when I am painting, I want to create something that isn’t always true to me as an artist. I think it can be a serious challenge to stick to your style and your truly unique way of doing something when we have so much at our finger tips showing us 1000 ways to be different. I felt that today while I was working on this painting. I am planning to submit it to the Sooke Fine Arts Show in August. It’s kind of a big deal art show, so I am totally feeling the pressure to make sure I paint something that is good and that I feel like the jury will like. Well, in doing that I almost decided to paint in a way that wasn’t really me and I almost denied myself one of my favourite parts of painting; taking the risks. Because I was painting with what they would think instead of what felt right to me I almost changed my style. In the end, I decided to stop and do what I enjoy doing, drawing in with my white pen! And I love the results! This piece still isn’t finished, since I only have so much time to work on it but I love the way it looks! I can’t wait for the next night of painting! And I learned something tonight, at the end of the day, know who you paint for. I started painting because I was sad and I needed an outlet to heal, and that doesnt change no matter what I am painting or for whom I am painting. I will always paint for me and be true to myself šŸ˜Š or at least try my best to! -K

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